RadzenGrid Blazor

Hello - im using Blazor for a Data grid - and found either 2 issues, or i havnt found the proper way to do something.

what im using.
i see in radzendatagrid you have a api for sorting:

but radzen grid doesnt seem to have anything like this, is this an oversite? i ended up just sorting a list before its loaded into the grid system.

when filtering the grid - if I have 10 pages worth of data, and I'm on page 10, I will stay on page 10. if the data only has 1 page worth of data, the navigation goes away. if there is less amount of pages than the page I was on it looks like the filtering returns nothing because you are on the same now empty page.

for this - is there a quick feature to just always go to page one after filtering a page?

RadzenGrid is our old legacy DataGrid, you can use RadzenDataGrid instead. Check our demos for reference. You can use also GoToPage() method to go to first or any other page.