RadzenFormField different

I have this code, the RadzenFormFields are completely identical but appear differently in the frontend, why?

@inject IProjectHubClient Client
@inject NotificationService NotificationService


@code {
Variant variant = Variant.Outlined;

private IList<ViewTribeDto>? ViewTribeDtos { get; set; }
private IList<ViewProgrammingLanguageDto>? ViewProgrammingLanguageDtos { get; set; }
private CreateProjectDto? CreateProjectDto { get; set; }

private string? ProjectTitle { get; set; }
private string? ProjectDescription { get; set; }
private int ProjectTribe { get; set; }
private IList<int>? ProjectProgrammingLanguages { get; set; }
private string color = "rgb(42, 68, 135)";

protected override async Task OnInitializedAsync()
    this.CreateProjectDto = new CreateProjectDto
        Languages = new List<int>()

    ViewTribeDtos = await Client.ApiTribeGetAllTribesAsync();

    ViewProgrammingLanguageDtos = await Client.ApiProgrammingLanguagesGetAllLanguagesAsync();

private int SelectedTribeId { get; set; }

private void OnTribeSelected(int value)
    SelectedTribeId = value;
    if (CreateProjectDto != null)
        CreateProjectDto.TribeId = value;

private void OnClick()

//todo: clear after Submit


I'm told it depends on whether the control has a value or not. Check and see if you are either setting them to a value programmatically or have your table's column setup with a default value in your database.

On the other hand, in your case it seems to have something to do with being nullable. Still trying to figure this all out myself.


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