RadzenFileInput server reconnection


I am trying to add RadzenFileInput to my application. I have read the example on the Radzen component pages. I set the component into my application(on new tab). When I click on the Choose button(in my case "Vyberte soubor", modal file win opens standardly, I can also choose the file and click on OK button. Value about the file saves to my variables. Thats fine. But something strange happens. It looks like this action disconnected me from my server side/db whatever. It shows this:

My code for file input looks like this:

        <RadzenTabsItem Text="Create Import">
            <RadzenStack Orientation="Orientation.Vertical" JustifyContent="JustifyContent.Start" Gap="1rem" Class="rz-p-4">
                <RadzenStack Gap="0" Orientation="Orientation.Vertical">
                    <RadzenText Text="SourceFile: " Style="font-weight: bold; font-size: 20"/>
                    <RadzenFileInput Value="filenameValue" @bind-FileName=@fileName @bind-FileSize=@fileSize TValue="string"
                        ChooseText="Vyberte soubor" Change=@(args => OnChange(args, "FileInput")) 
                        Error=@(args => OnError(args, "FileInput")) />
                    <RadzenText Text="@fileName" />
                <RadzenStack Gap="0" Orientation="Orientation.Horizontal">
                    <RadzenStack Gap="0" Orientation="Orientation.Vertical">
                        <RadzenButton Text="Reset" Click="@UploadClick" Style="min-height: 26px; margin-top: 8px" />

Please, can you help me to find source of this strange behavior?



Check this thread:

Oh, I see. So for my purposes it would be better to use Upload component than the FileInput one. If I understood that thread correctly.