RadzenFileInput for secure file

Hi all,

I faced the problem with post secure content using RadzenFileInput in RadzenTemplateForm.

The secure files such as: .keystore, .mobileprovision, and .p12 file.

When using RadzenFileInput components. They produce Base64URI as a value. then Post these values to ASP.NET WEB API. I don't know how to save these files to server folder with the same file format and data.

Maybe you should use RadzenUpload instead if you want to save files. RadzenInput is suitable for saving in database.

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Radzen Upload can use inside RadzenTemplateForm with Submit method in Submit attribute?
Another question for RadzenSteps? How can I use a custom validation in C#? if validation is false, could not move to next step. Otherwise, move to next step?

You cannot use RadzenUpload inside a form. The Steps component already have built-in validation.