RadzenDropDownDataGrid selected items are lost when changing pages

When using LoadData to retrieve data for a RadzenDropDownDataGrid using Skip and Take to paginate the data, selected items on a page are deselected upon changing pages.

Currently the RadzenDropDownDataGrid requires the entire dataset to be loaded into memory to maintain selected item state across pages. This is not possible in our use case as our dataset may be thousands of entries, and as such performance concerns would arise. We are also not able to bind to the database or a queryable object directly as we retrieve the data through an API.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

You can bind Value to a variable similar to the last DropDownDataGrid in our demo:

That is the demo we're using as a base, however we cannot use .ToList() on the entire table (as it does in the demo) as the operation would use too much memory and take too long with our dataset. As a result, we have to use skip and take along with the LoadData method to load a page's worth of data at a time. This causes the bug I mentioned in the original post.

This is not related to selected items - you just need to @bind-Value to a variable.

Yes, that's what we're doing - we use bind-Value to bind to an IEnumerable of strings. We're using ValueProperty to tell it to use the GUID string property on the model.

This works fine if we have the entire data source available in a variable and Data is given that variable. As stated twice before however, if we switch to using LoadData and use Skip and Take to retrieve pages at a time instead of the entire data source, then changing pages causes the selected items from the previous page to be "forgotten".

Possible solution will be also to use RowSelect event to save the selected items - in this case you will have full control and the DataGrid will unable to reset your variable.