RadzenDropDownDataGrid Selected Item From Programmatically


I have generated the following with some adjustments. I used the bind but when the drop down happens on the first go it starts at the firsts record. Also if I move the bound record source to another record it shows correctly in the display portion but the record does not move from where it was before in the grid selected row display. I want to have two ways to select the record one from this drop down and also using a popup dialog search which should move the data list. Here is my code:
<RadzenDropDownDataGrid @bind-Value="@(Csds)" AllowVirtualization TextProperty="Title" Data="@assessmentCsdSses" SelectedItem="@(Csds)"
AllowFiltering="true" AllowSelectAll="false" AllowSorting="false">

I have tried w/wo SelectedItem. Csds is is from a Get that was generated. Show and Works fine otherwise.

Thank you

Hi @Paul_Goldberg,

I am afraid I didn't understand what the problem is. Please elaborate.


I am using the RadzenDropDownDataGrid and I want it to highlight the value in the bind value but it is only providing that selected item and the Grid UI Selection does not move so it shows the last item selected in the RadzenDropDownDataGrid when showing the list. The demo work the same way. When it starts no value is Highlighted in the list only once the item is clicked on in the list is it highlighted.

I would like to change the selected item from another process and have it reflected when the list is dropped down. I have set the bind value but only shows again what was selected in the ui of the dropdowndatagrid. I tried to use grid.Select(item,true) but that did not do anything.

Hope this help.

The online demos show how to select items. Here is this for example:

All you have to do is set @bind-Value accordingly. There is one thing to consider though - if the selected value isn't in the first page it will not appear there. It will show after changing the page.

It will show after changing the page. Would it be possible to change the page in Code. I see a Select Function how does that work? I will need to make use of another control if this will not stay in sync with the current record that may change outside of this control. When the control opens the list I need it to highlight the current record. Can this be done if a source code change was made? Is there a better way to show a list like this with a search?

Sorry for all the questions but the user has made this an issue.


Hi @Paul_Goldberg,

At the moment there is no way to highlight a record in the DropDownDataGrid (and the DataGrid itself) component. All you can do is to use @bind-Value to set the selected records however this will not navigate to the record(s).

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