RadzenDropDownDataGrid losing selected items when using LoadData and Paging With Subsets of Data


I am currently using a RadzenDropDownDataGrid that uses LoadData as well as Paging as it is a large dataset.

I am using @bind-Value to bind to a collection of items as well.

I can successfully add an item on the second page or so (let's call it item "A1", go to another page and add a second item (let's call it "A2") and the selected items list (in the search bar) will show both selections ("A1, A2").

However, if I advance to the next page and then go back to the previous page with my second selected item - the selected items list in the dropdown only shows that second item ("A2").

Then if I go back to the page before even that I will now have both items show up in my selected items list but in reverse order ("A2, A1").

Further, if I go back again, and then advance back forward to the page I was on I get only the first item in my selected items list ("A1").

This kind of bahavior also happens when typing in the search bar for the RadzenDropDownDataGrid. It looks like in certain circumstances the component is ignoring selected items that aren't on that page and therefore not currently in the collection since we are fetching smaller subsets of data at a time.

Are there any suggestions to fix this? It makes it confusing to the user as to what is actually selected and what is not.

EDIT : I am also occasionally getting the item to add itself twice to the selected items list which then raises an Exception telling me that "Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute."

Unfortunately we cannot provide any advice until we can debug this scenario to see what's going on. If you are Radzen Professional or Enterprise subscriber you can send us an example application demonstrating the problem at info@radzen.com.