RadzenDropDownDataGrid initial selection


I'm having an issue with the RadzenDropDownDataGrid component, in that it doesn't highlight the current value on initial load in the grid (it does display in the text field). However, once I reselect the item, and then close and reopen the grid, it does highlight it (and goto the right page, if i have paging on).

If I change to a plain RadzenDropDown, then it does display the item in the drop down as expected.

Is this expected behaviour, or do I need to set a property on the RadzenDropDownDataGrid, so that it highlights the selected item when i open the drop down grid?


i seem to have the same or a very close problem.... but i cant even get the dropdown to set the inital value...

I can get it to work using the standard dropdown, you just need to set @bind-Value, which (I believe) behind the scenes set the SelectedValue. Hope that helps.

But this isn't working for the Grid version.

HI @Harry,

We were able to reproduce the problem with initial selection of DropDownDataGrid and the fix will be part of our next update tomorrow:

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Hi Vladimir,

I'm glad you were able to reproduce the issue and that a fix is coming so fast. Much appreciated.

Best, Harry.

glad to hear this.... :smiley: