RadzenDropDownDataGrid create textbox dynamically

I know may be this is not realted to your controls but hope some one can help me doing this.
I want to create textbox dynamically with the name of items selected in RadzenDropDownDataGrid below is the RadzenDropDownDataGrid .
thanks in advance.

  <RadzenDropDownDataGrid AllowFiltering="true" FilterCaseSensitivity="FilterCaseSensitivity.CaseInsensitive" ColumnWidth="200" TabIndex="1" Visible="true" AllowClear="true" @bind-Value=@multipleValues
                                                        TValue="IEnumerable<string>" Multiple="true" Placeholder="Select..." Data=@parts TextProperty="PartsValue" ValueProperty="PartsID"
                                                        Change=@(args => OnChange(args, "DropDownDataGrid with multiple selection")) Style="width:400px">
                                        <RadzenDropDownDataGridColumn Width="40px" Sortable="false">

                                                <RadzenCheckBox TriState="false" TValue="bool" Value="@(parts.Any(c => multipleValues != null && multipleValues.Equals(c.PartsValue)))"
                                                                Change="@(args => multipleValues = args ? parts.Select(c => c.PartsValue): multipleValues = Enumerable.Empty<string>())" />
                                            <Template Context="data">
                                                <RadzenCheckBox TriState="false" Value="@(multipleValues != null && multipleValues.Equals(((Parts)data).PartsID))" />

                                        <RadzenDropDownDataGridColumn Property="PartsValue" Title="PartsValue" Width="200px" />
                                        <RadzenDropDownDataGridColumn Property="PartsID" Title="PartsID" Width="200px" />


                                @if (multipleValues != null)
                                    string myString = "";
                                    foreach (Object item in (IEnumerable<object>)multipleValues)//.AsEnumerable<Parts>().Select(c => c.PartsValue))

                                        <RadzenTextBox ></RadzenTextBox>


The code you have pasted seems correct and is the official way of adding Blazor components.

but it not working.
how to get the selected value inside foreach
foreach (Object item in (IEnumerable)multipleValues)

What does "not working" mean? What happens when you debug your application? Is there a compilation error or a runtime exception? With so few details I can't do much to help.

thank you for your support.
I have 2 things,

  1. I need to get the value of CustomerID and CustomerName inside foreach.
    foreach (object item in (IEnumerable)multipleValues)

  2. the checkbox does not checked.

please can you help me do point number 1.

This does not seem related to Radzen Blazor components. It is a generic question about getting object properties - you can try searching online for the answer.

I already searched but I didn't find a way to do it.
thanks again.

Search for reflection. Or use a strongly typed collection of the desired type.