RadzenDropDownDataGrid Change event not triggering

I am on .Net 8.0 Auto mode

I have tried all sorts of combinations and cannot get the change event to trigger. Is there anything special I need to do for Blazor 8.0

<RadzenDropDownDataGrid Data="@educationCentersForEducationCenterId" TextProperty="EducationCenterName" ValueProperty="EducationCenterId" AllowClear=true
@bind-Value="@qAED.EducationCenterId" Name="EducationCenterId"
SelectedValue=@educationCentersForEducationCenterIdValue Count=@educationCentersForEducationCenterIdCount LoadData=@educationCentersForEducationCenterIdLoadData
Change="@OnSchoolTypeChanged" />

void OnSchoolTypeChanged(object value)
if (!qAED.EducationCenter.EducationCenterName.Contains("ABCD"))
ABCD = true;
ABCD = false;

Make sure it’s not nested in static rendering container.

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