RadzenDropDown Rendering Issue

New to the components, but so far they are really nice. I am having an odd issue though. Chrome doesn't seem to have the issue, but Edge does. The issue is the rendering of the dropdown, depending where on the screen (via scrolling) you invoke the dropdown list, the "list" part of the dropdown actually shows a few lines above the actual control.


Works normally on my end using Edge and our demos:

Try the very last one in the demo. I resized my window a bit, and selected the last dropdown control from the demo page. You can see the dropdown list items are several lines higher.

Thanks! We will do our best to fix this for the next update.

Hello, just to add something to this discussion, I am having the same issue in version 2.14.0 of the components. In my specific case, I am posting up a dialog to get some initial information to add a record to the database. This dialog contains a dropdown containing names appropriate to the field. There is a button on the form which launches the dialog. If I am close enough to the top of the page (I haven't scrolled too far down to get to the button), the drop down renders properly:

Screenshot 2020-09-17 170600

If I scroll down far enough such that the button is now at the top of the browser page before clicking it, the drop down renders above the text area of the drop down:

Screenshot 2020-09-17 170908

In the second case, if I click the dropdown to close the list and click again to bring it back up, the list is still above the text area, but closer to the text area of the dropdown.