RadzenDropdown displays the items on top of the dropdown

How can we align the radzen dropdown items on the top position onClick of dropdown ?

What do you mean by align the items on the top position?

The items should be aligned on top side in technical term i have to set dropdown items position to top

Still not sure what you mean. Hopefully somebody else from the community understands your question.

Hi @AkashDoke

Is it that, in the example you have given, "Around the Horn" should automatically be

  • Selected
  • At the top of the list



Once we open the dropdown, items should be positioned on the top of dropdown not down

RadzenDropDown and all other components that display a popup check if there is enough room to display the popup "down". If (and only if) there isn't the popup will switch direction. There isn't any API for controlling the opening direction of a popup.

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