RadzenDatePicker takes always current date when TimeOnly

I have my DatePicker as below. Problem here is that I initialize the datePicker with FromTime having different date than today(03.05) but when enter a new time returned value consist of 03.05.2022+Time I entered. So it doesnt persist the date I bind initally and takes always today's date. Is it a bug?

     <RadzenDatePicker Name="FromTime" TValue="DateTime?" @bind-Value="@Model.FromTime" TimeOnly="true" MinutesStep="5"
                              DateFormat="HH:mm" ShowTime="true" />

I'm unable to reproduce this on our demo:

my implementation looks similar but binded property and also Onchange arg are both 03.05 as date. Could it make difference using property with get set to bind?

this is for sure the difference. you are binding a field instead of property and binding is probably occuring 1 way and in my case is a property both way and causing back to default value.

Hey @Emil_A ,

Blazor binding doesn't care if you are binding property or field: