RadzenDataGridColumn dynamic property

Hi guys,

<RadzenDataGridColumn TItem="TournamentsContestant" Title="Score" Sortable="true" Property="@scoreText">
	<Template Context="tournamentsContestant">
			var competitor = tournamentsContestant.CompetitorEntities.SingleOrDefault(c => c.CompetitionId == tournamentCompetition.CompetitionId);
			var scoreText = competitor is null ? "-" : GetCompetitionTotalScoreText(competitor);
			<RadzenText class="m-1 scoreCell" Text="@scoreText" />

Can I somehow use value from template as a property in RadzenDataGridColumn? I tried something like Property="@GetCompetitionTotalScoreText(competitor) but how can I pass some parameter in there?

Yeah, I saw that one, but how can I pass a current context as parameter to GetColumnPropertyExpression, when I get the context first in template?

Everything is there in the demo, check the code for reference.