RadzenDataGrid View not updating when Filtering enabled

I have a RadzenDataGrid with a filter defined for a column containing a checkbox.

The grid starts out like:


Next, I filter the results on Show


With the Filter enabled, click on Hide (to set control to false)


When manually changing the control with the filter enabled, the View of the grid does not get refreshed.

In the code-behind, I check for visible rows. VisibleQueues is empty even though there is one remaining in the UX. Here's the code:

private IEnumerable<QueueDto> VisibleQueues => AssignmentQueueGrid.View;

private RadzenDataGrid<QueueDto> AssignmentQueueGrid;

Is there a way to make the RadzenDataGrid.View aware of the manual changes?

You can try to call Reload() method of the DataGrid - it will rerender the component according to the new specified Data.

I ensured the data was updated before the Reload(). Now, the View is set properly.

Thanks for tip.