RadzenDataGrid: Lock row selection or disable the grid

I am editing the selected item of the RadzenDataGrid within another component in the same page.

Actually someone may accidentally select another row while he is in editing-mode.
This is confusing the user and it is error prone.

I suggest a boolean property like 'RowSelectionLocked' or just the option to enable/disable the data grid.

Best regards

You can do that using RowSelect event to select record. For example:

    public void OnRowSelect(Order item)
        if (!dbContext.ChangeTracker.HasChanges())
            // Select record only when there are no changes

But in this case, the selected row from the grid (the one which is highlighted) don't match the item within my editor and this is the confusing situation.

The option to disable the whole grid (including page change) may be useful.

My idea about the workflow:

Select row from the grid
Synchronize the editor component (editor disabled)
Change to edit mode -> enable editor / disable grid
Save or discard changes -> disable editor / enable grid