RadzenDataGrid LoadData event

Hello guys,

I have a problem with the LoadData event in RadzenDataGrid.
I have defined TItem, Data, and LoadData, and everything works fine.
By the way, the moment where I set AllowVirtualization or AllowPaging to true, my grid displays nothing.

I am still hitting my async Task OnLoadData(LoadDataArgs args) and populating my list, but the data is not shown in the grid anymore.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @dejan,

Make sure you've set Count also - check our demos for reference.

That did the work.

With allow paging works as a charm.

With AllowVirtualization it takes my PageSize and passes Skip = 0, Top = 20, and then hits the OnLoadData method again with Skip = 0, Take = 9.
This is not a problem, but it tries to load everything in iterations, and in the third iteration it skips 0 and takes 231 records.

Hey @dejan,

You might need to check our demos as I already suggested. For virtualization to work properly you need to specify height.