RadzenDataGrid Items per page Issue

Taking a look at this example: Blazor DataGrid pager API (radzen.com) When you change the "Items Per Page" the grid reloads with the chosen number per page.

When I use the out of the box data grid and change the items per page I see the number of pages change however the grid shown does not update to the number of items until I choose another page. I'm missing something any tips?

<RadzenDataGrid @ref="grid0" ColumnWidth="200px" AllowFiltering="true" FilterMode="Radzen.FilterMode.Simple" AllowPaging="true" Responsive="true" AllowSorting="true" ShowPagingSummary="true" PageSizeOptions=@(new int[]{5, 10, 20, 30})
Data="@vinvoicetrackingGrids" TItem="Tracking.Models.TrackingDB.trackingGrid" RowSelect="@DataGrid0RowSelect" >

I resolved by adding a grid0.Reload(); to PageSizeChanged event.

Would be nice if the crud generation would add automatically.

I was not able to reproduce this using default CRUD pages - no need to call Reload() on PageSizeChanged. I've tested both Blazor server and WebAssembly connected to our Sample database - anything specific in your app?

I will take a look it's possible it's something I mucked up.