RadzenDataGrid inline add with validator

how can I validate a new line added to the grid with Validators?

A markup like this:

<RadzenDataGridColumn Width="Auto" TItem="JobDTO" Property="Name" Title="@Loc["Description"]" FilterOperator="FilterOperator.Contains" Sortable="true" Filterable="true">
                <label class="rz-cell-filter-label" style="height:35px">
                    <i class="rzi">search</i>
                    <RadzenTextBox Change="@(async args => { context.FilterValue = args; await OnChange(args); })"></RadzenTextBox>
            <EditTemplate Context="job">
                <RadzenTextBox @bind-Value="job.Name" Style="width:100%; display: block" Name="JobDescription" />
                <RadzenRequiredValidator Text="@Loc["RequiredValidatorMessage"]" Component="JobDescription" Popup="true" @ref="_validator1" />

works if I'm in editing mode but doesn't work if I'm on the new row.

Thank you

Not sure why it's not working in your case - validation works on our demo: