RadzenDataGrid how to select a row automatically

Hi All,

I have a radzengrid. My objective is when the page is launched, I want my selected row is set to a specific record. For example, highlight or select the row for Customer ID = 100.

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Good morning. Is there a way to default my selected row to a specific row whenever I launch the page or if I go back to the page, I want to be on the previously selected row?

This is my currently selected row from page Associate.

When I move to another page after selecting a context menu, for example facility, and then go back to the Associate page, I still want to see Id 24 as the selected row. What is happening is the selected row is cleared after I come back to the Associate page

Thank you.

Check the code of the demo I’ve posted. You can select whatever row using your logic.

Thank you very much.
I used a global variables to save the associate id. Then use that to initialize the selectedAssociate variable. I update the global variable as well whenever I change selection. Speed wise I have to check.

Thank you.