RadzenDataGrid How to display all records and total amount summary base on filter


I'm seeking guidance on how to achieve two specific functionalities with the RadzenDataGrid:

  1. Displaying All Records with Filter-Based Total Amount Summary: I have configured a RadzenDataGrid with paging disabled, with the expectation that it would display all records. However, it currently displays only 10 records. Additionally, when I apply grouping, and for instance, group by a company name with more than 20 records, it separates the data into two pages. The issue is that the total amount summary for the group displays the total of 20 records on both the first and second pages. Is there a way to display the total amount summary on a per-page basis for the currently displayed records within a group?

  2. Filter-Based Total Amount Summary: I am also looking for a solution to display the total amount summary based on the applied filter. Is there a method to achieve this?

I greatly appreciate your assistance in addressing these concerns.

Thank you in advance,

You can use DataGrid View property.