RadzenDataGrid Grouping Expand/Collapse all

Any plans for an expand/collapse all feature for RadzenDataGrid's grouping?

If not already I would like to request that as a feature.

Maybe the GroupResult items found in RadzenDataGrid.GroupedPagedView could have a modifiable "IsExpanded" property that I could manage myself?

Alternative could be something like exposing the collection of RadzenDataGridGroupRows with a modifiable "IsExpanded" property that I could manage myself.

Another alternative, albeit less flexible, could be a simple ExpandAllGroups()/CollapseAllGroups() function on the RadzenDataGrid itself

Hi @lanceGeorgeson,

We will do our best to provide way to expand groups runtime in our next update.

Any update on this? Looking forward to using this as well.

You can use GroupRowRender to set if group is expandable or not: