RadzenDataGrid Grouping and Paging Issue

I am building an application with a large data set bound to a RadzenDataGrid with a local List. Sorting, and Filtering all work fine with Paging, but if I try to apply a Group, it simply groups the records on the current page. This is not the case in your Grouping API demo where groups span the entire data set irrespective of pages.

I have copied the Grid properties over from the demo to be sure of no differences, but still the same. Is this a limitation of binding to a local collection rather than using a direct DB connection via EntityFramework?

If the DataGrid is bound using LoadData event this is expected since in this case Data will be just a page of the entire collection.

Is this likely to be a permanent restriction or something that might be addressed in future releases?

Server grouping with LoadData event is not possible - there is no way to add such feature.

Thanks for confirming :+1: