Radzendatagrid FilterOperator.In not working

Dear Community Support,

When using the Blazor DataGrid enum filtering example i am not able to use the FilterOperator.In in the ID column. As soon as i pick this operator and select a value (i cannot even select more than one), i receive an error.
We stumbled upon this in our project and when trying to verify that it is an issue with on our side, we noticed even the examples are affected.

Am i missing something or is it indeed a problem with the component itself? Any advice on how to work around this issue?

Thanks in Advance, Andreas

This operator can be used for filtering with collections:

We will fix the DataGrid to not show this operator if cannot be used.

i thougt the contains operator is supposed to filter in collections such as strings.

does this mean there is no RadzenGrid filterparameter which translates to the odata filter parameter "in"?

The second demo is exactly for ODats however the DataGrid column In filter operator will not create OData in filter expression since the support in the current OData library provided by MS is not very good. You can check what expressions are generated in the demo.