RadzenDataGrid bug

Hi guys, I think something needs to be fixed in RadzenDataGrid

I have a similar solution as in Blazor DataGrid Component - InLine Editing | Free UI Components by Radzen and it works fine, however if I add a dynamic column, I get a problem as in the image:

The newly added column should be placed before the last one and the "edit button with delete button" should be at the end.

I found a solution on the forum where I need to add @key=_foo to the RadzenDataGrid and then instead of using "grid.reload()", type "_foo=true", which solved the column problem.

Unfortunately, if I use this solution and there are some filters in the grid, they will be automatically removed.

Again, I wanted to do a workaround to download data from FilterValue and FilterOperator before using "_foo = true" and enter the data back. Unfortunately, the grid does not make any changes, although the code is executed (if I add the same code to a separate button, the filter works flawlessly).

Do you have any idea to solve this problem?

This is caused by the Blazor optimization in BuildRenderTree. You can use OrderIndex to define your columns order.