RadzenColumnSeries not working with Tuple

I try to use a Tuple with a RadzenColumnSeries
<RadzenColumnSeries Data="@UserPoints" ValueProperty="Item2" CategoryProperty="Item1" />

but I get the error message
Error: System.ArgumentException: Property Item1 does not exist at Radzen.Blazor.CartesianSeries1.IsDate(String propertyName).

The data source is defined as
private List<(string UserId, float Points)> UserPoints;

Interestingly, when I skip CategoryProperty="Item1", I do see a chart, but with only one column (my guess is that the other colums are shown at the same x-position).

I use the default field names of the tuple, because the explicit field names are not available at runtime, but I tried the explicit field names without sucess as well.

I have seen other posts that had troubles with Tuples, but could not translate the answers given there to my problem. If possible, I would like to avoid having to define a new class/record.

Hi @KurtP,

Tuples are currently not supported because of this. A possible workaround is to use a record type.

Hi. Thanks for your answer. I will use a record then, although I find it mysterious, why Item2 works for the value axis, but Item1 does not work for the category axis.

Using a record or a class had the disadvantage that it cluttered up my namespace. I found the KeyValuePair<string, float> datatype, which I can use a return type from my method to display the data.