RadzenCheckBox in RadzenDataGrid

I'm using RadzenCheckBox in RadzenDataGrid, I set AllowRowSelectOnRowClick property on RadzenDataGrid to be true, and set @bind-Value on RadzenCheckBox for data binding, but when I click rows the background turned highlight BUT not the chekcbox itself, did I miss something? Thanks in advance.

I'm using Blazor WASM hosted.


You can check the code of our demo: https://blazor.radzen.com/datagrid-multiple-selection

I did follow the demo code before, but I could only select rows by selecting row, clicking checkbox won't work, besides I need to use @bind-Value to do two way binding.


The demo works in both cases of AllowRowSelectOnRowClick - True/False.

Hi, enchev, I record the process, I'll upload another gif which literally copy the code from demo.
Radzen Blazor

This one skipped something and datasource is different, but the grid is from Blazor DataGrid Multiple selection (radzen.com).
Radzen Blazor2 (2)

I’m afraid that I’m not sure why this happens in your case. You can try to debug to see what happens when you check the checkbox.