RadzenChart FormatString

Would you please tell me how to put the log based to 10 (Log10) in the Y axis of RadzenValueAxis using FormatString. Please see attached image. Thanks!

Hi @Angela_Lee,

You can try using the Formatter attribute of RadzenValueAxis as shown here.

Thanks for your response! I still cannot get your solution. Currently, I used the following code. The Y axis is shown in -2, 0, +2. I want to label them as Log10^-2, Log10^0 and Log10^2. If you calculate Log10^2 = 2, Log10^0 = 0, and Log10^2 = 2. I wonder if you can write the Yaxis label as shown in the red. Thanks!

Yes you can, you have to implement the Format function to return the required string depending on the provided value.

Thanks, Korchev. It works. Now. another question is how to skip some of labels in the Y axis if I used step RadzenValueAxis Min="0" Max="@YMaxVal" Step=@Interval

public static string FormatAsLog(object value) {
return "Log10^" + ((double)value).ToString();

You can return string.Empty for the unwanted values.