RadzenAutoComplete not working on Android devices


RadzenAutoComplete is not showing the list of options when using Chrome or Edge on Android devices. I tried it on a Samsung tablet and a Motorola phone.

I see that the API call is made to get the JSON options - but the list is not appearing under the text box.

Can anyone else confirm this problem?

It works fine on Windows or iOS devices.


Hi @sys_mike,

I was able to reproduce the problem however I'm still not sure what's causing it. We will do our best to provide fix for this as soon as possible.

Update: We were able to fix the problem and the fix will be part of our next update tomorrow.

You guys are awesome.


I was at a Meetup in Boston, and I mentioned Radzen was my UI for Blazor development.

Also, I originally discovered Radzen from a Tim Corey video on YouTube.

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