RadzenAutoComplete issues with returned data


after a change in our backend the strings list in the AutoComplete doesn't come from a single variable, but 2 class variables combined, both strings. After looking at the provided examples, I managed to display the list as wanted. But once I select one result, I get only ONE of the 2 strings returned..

<RadzenAutoComplete Data=@listElements TextProperty="datasign" FilterOperator="StringFilterOperator.StartsWith" LoadData=@OnLoadData Change=@(args => OnChange(args, "AutoComplete")) Style="width: 100%" >
    <Template Context="element">@element.datasign@element.datanumber</Template>

my code looks like the above. I believe the problem is the TextProperty value, which is one of the 2 string-variables contained in each element. What do I have to change to get the full text of the selected entry?

Solved - :grin:
I set the TextProperty to "element" - which nicely returns the whole object used for the selected entry.
So I have access to datasign and datanumber .. and further member variables