RadzenAlert close button click event

Could you add close button click event for RadzenAlert component?

What is the purpose of that event? Can you elaborate on your scenario?

I have the SignalR client in my Blazor Server App and I put it in MainLayout with RadzenAlert. When client receives the message (for example, something important has been added to the system), I planned to make RadzenAlert visible and show it for user on every page. Then user reads the message and close the alert. When the page reload, alert is visible again. Like in your Demo: every time the page reload, i can see the alert. I want to know that concrete user has seen the alert message and closed it and don't show this for him again.

The "Visible" property at the component level doesn't stay in sync with the internal private "visible" property. So when the close button is clicked, the "Visible" property is out of sync with the state of the control.

Feedback on closed (true/false) could help with metrics being tracked.