Radzen with QuickBooks Desktop

I was wondering if anyone has used Radzen to integrate with QuickBooks? I have a customer who would like a web application to pull in invoices from QuickBooks and display them in a master\detail grid format. I'm very new to Radzen and still trying to figure this out so any help is much appreciated. Although it does seem that I'm able to create customer service classes which was my biggest fear (not being able to add custom code)

Hi @AdamsTech,

We don’t have much experience with QuickBooks however as far as I understand there is a REST API that can be used in Radzen:

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Has anyone linked to Xero?

I wish my customer would use QB Online. It would make development time quicker and easier. However, they’re using the desktop version.
I suppose it’s custom classes and data binding. I’m still trying to figure out how Radzen works and compare with other tool like Telerik.

I have integrated with Xero using Radzen.


thanks for your reply. My initial thoughts are a)how much effort is required to do and b) is it worth it?

These questions are maybe too subjective to answer sensibly. I am running a small business and after years of using MS Access, then VB.net and now Radzen I finally feel that I am on the path to a more future proof system. We use Xero and a Radzen app and I'd dearly like to be able to join the two together but I have a day job. Getting this far with Radzen has been a challenge but I figured it was worthwhile (it has been). But before I start down this road I think I need a clearer picture of what I'm getting into?

Would you be willing to share some code to help get me started?

Many thanks


Hi John,
I would be happy to share my code with you regarding the Xero Integration. We'll have to setup a time to discuss this. Let me know how you would like to connect.

Ok, so I know how I need to do this, however, I'm completely confused on how to implement. It seems that I cannot use Radzen to code the way I normally would. I've performed the following:

  1. Created a new page name Customers and added a new grid component.
  2. Opened in VS and created a new folder named "Interfaces" as well as added a new service class name "InvoiceServices" (probably need to change that name though).
  3. When I click on the grid and attempt to set a load event I'm not seeing anything. I'm expecting to see a public method that was defined in the Customers.razor.cs class.


I hope you are well. I would like to take you up on your kind offer to help me with my xero integration. I have download the github Oauth sample and can log in now but am stuck on gettting access to the organisations.

If you are able to help i would be extrmely grateful. Please let me know when would be convenient to have a chat.

Many thanks