Radzen Validators/Textbox Reset

Good Morning!

For example my layout:

Textbox at the bottom are combined with radzen Validator:

<RadzenTextBox Name="TXTBoxFrench" @bind-Value="@ValuesFromForm.TXTFrench" Disabled="@DisableCLSShortcutselected" MaxLength="5"  />
<RadzenRequiredValidator Component="TXTBoxFrench" Text="text is required" />

Is it now possible that when i click the listbox (1) again, the textbox and the validator will be resetted ? so that the red borders and the Validator Error Popup will disappear ?

Hi @pancho,

You will have to make the form run validation again which happens only when the user changes some input that has a validator. You can try the following:

  1. Get a reference to the template form via @ref
  2. Invoke templateForm.EditContext.Validate()
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