Radzen Treeview With Checkbox Not Checked At Edit Time

Hi. I have use a Radzen Tree control, with checkboxes .I have fetch data from Database and Bind it. it's Bind successfully but, relevant checkbox aren't checked.

Tree View Code

<RadzenTree AllowCheckBoxes="true" Style="width: 50%;" @bind-CheckedValues=@CheckedValues Data=@lstcategory>

<RadzenTreeLevel TextProperty="product" HasChildren=@(children=> false) />

C# Code

private IEnumerable lstcategory;
protected override async Task OnInitializedAsync()
lstcategory = await GetAlCategories();

public ListGetAlCategories(){
return = this._serviceManager.GetAllCategory();

I am having the same issue. I need to load a master list of items, and then user's sublist of items and have the master list checkbox's checked. Seems this is awfully complicated.