Radzen Tree Click Event at Top Level


I have a particular problem. And it is non-negotiable on our side. I have to have a context menu on a tree item.

  1. I am loading the data dynamically
  2. It is entirely generic. I do not know the shape of the data at all. There are custom properties for the
    TextProperty and (Child)TextProperty, these are set when using the component, by providing the
    base the name of the property to display.
  3. What I need now is a way to hook into the click event on the actual treeviewitem. But I do not want to have to . I just want to use the data loading that is on the component page, because that is all I need.

My question to you:

Is there any way you can introduce Click into the and allow that to hook into the selected item? This will give me the ability to override that click and implement whatever custom code I need?

Feel free to submit pull request with desired functionality, if it doesn’t break anything will will merge it.