Radzen Tabs - collapsible when positions Left / Right?

hi guys,
just a usability perspective here,

on a PC view, i have a form with a HTML Editor (WYSIWYG ) which is embedded in a tab

the current format of the HTML Editor is to have a height of 450px to give plenty of white space for writing and to also show the controls

i have the tabs set up to be positioned on the LEFT

it looks great on PC and big screens, however if i take my browser and shrink it to phone size, the HTML Editor is now no longer usable as 50% of the screen is taken up by the tab controls.

so question....
is there a way to collapse the tabs ? or perhaps a better height setting for the HTML Editor?

Hi @TMRGlobal,

You can't collapse the tabs. Probably you can use responsive breakpoints (e.g. Bootstrap's rows and columns) to make the content of your page flow better on a smaller screen. The Radzen Blazor online demos use this technique a lot. Here for example: Master and detail Blazor DataGrid

hmm yeah not quite what i'm after, is there perhaps a way to flip the tabs to the top for smaller screens and have them on the left for bigger screens ?

No, this is also not possible out of the box.

okay can we make collapsible tabs a feature request then :smiley:

Radzen Blazor components are open source - you can even contribute such feature:

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