Radzen Tab Control - programmatic tab change delay when doing long running operation after tab switch

This is a Blazor Server Project.
I'm using the following code to switch to another Radzen tab.

<RadzenTabs Style="width: 865px; height: 665px" @bind-SelectedIndex=@selectedTab >

 protected async System.Threading.Tasks.Task Button0Click(Microsoft.AspNetCore.Components.Web.MouseEventArgs args)
     selectedTab = 1;
     catch(Exception error)

The behaviour I'm expecting is an immediate tab switch followed by a long-running operation. But the tab change only happens after waiting for 3 seconds.

This is how Blazor server works. You can set Client render mode if you need different behavior.

But ClientRenderMode also have the same result

  <RadzenTabs Style="width: 865px; height: 665px" @bind-SelectedIndex=@selectedTab RenderMode="TabRenderMode.Client">

I just realized that you are switching the tab by changing the index on a button click not by clicking on the tab itself. This is Blazor operating and will always work like this.

Even when i don't use a Radzen Tab, This happens. Please see my SO post c# - Blazor Server (.net 8) Dynamic Image Rendering only happening at the end of processing - Stack Overflow

The actual issue is solved.Please refer c# - Blazor app doesn't refresh UI after `StateHasChanged` in async operation - Stack Overflow