Radzen support for .NET Core 6.0

Is there a way to move our Radzen projects to .NET Core 6.0, I see they are still using 5.0 and we need to move off that framework.

I could successfully move to 6.0 by editing app.json and changing serverVersion from 5 to 6

 "serverVersion": "6",

After that reopen the project in radzen and run from radzen.

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Be careful, I tried that and it worked on the local machine but it wouldn’t work when i compiled and deployed. Then Enchev/Atanas said not to do it this way. They told me to create a brand new net 6 Radzen app and copy all the json meta code and all my custom Classes into the new app and then run it. Als o net 6 has different security tables.


You are right about the security tables. I use the default provider I dropped and recreated all the asp_net tables. I have deployed the application and did not have any other issues.

Is there a workaround post somewhere I can have a look at to upgrade to 6.0. Cor 5.0 is EOL and our organisation have a policy of treating EOL frameworks as vulnerabilities.

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