Radzen support for IE11

Hi, have you looked at implementing polyfills for IE11 so that Radzen works correctly in IE11? A lot of companies would still be using IE 11 as their go to browser (unfortunately) and until 'Edgium' is released with IE11 compatibility we are kind of stuck using that.

Hi Mark,

There is no official support for IE11 from Microsoft - you can check the default Blazor application template created with Visual Studio:

There are errors, events are not raised, etc.

There is a third party polyfill however we are not sure if everything is working correctly or not.

To use this polyfill you can download the script, place it in wwwroot folder of your Blazor application and add it before any other scripts in _Host.cshtml file:

In Radzen you can add _Host.cshtml in application ignore list in order to tell Radzen to not override your changes.

Best Regards,

Thanks, I remember seeing Dan Roth mention that there was potentially support coming for IE11 in 3.1 I'll give the polyfills a go and see if that works with Radzen

Unfortunately they don't all work for Radzen. The grid, inside of a tab, does not render.