Radzen Studio really slow while developing

Hi team,

We as a company wanted to try the free version of Radzen Studio, to see if it's something we can use in our upcoming projects. But we found the Radzen Studio really slow to develop in.
Example: while running the app to debug and changing one column's visibility, it takes min. 30 sec to take affect, after that we can continue to make the next one invisible. It makes the IDE unusable at this point. Note: we use a lot of columns per table, we had to limit the response to max 20 objects, otherwise it crashed (another issue?) Tested on another pc and was the same result. Can you guide us to a solution?



Hi @Freek,

Indeed rebuilding Angular application for livesync might take a lot and it depends how big is the page/app, what features are added: localization, etc. If the framework doesn't matter for you and you just want to create visually web applications connected to a database I can recommend you to try Radzen Blazor Studio instead.