Radzen Store User Passwords for WebSites


I would like to store user passwords etc. in a database table and show it to the user. For example Mail Login, Windows Login etc. Something to store passwords like in Keepass.

I think have to encrypt the passwords and user names in the database tables?
What is the best way to do something in radzen angular?

It should be also possible to use it for a winforms application.


Hi @MarkusW,

You can create desired table in your database and use Radzen to create CRUD pages for this table. The result will be Angular app with OData service discoverable from other applications as well.


thanks for the fast reply.

I do not have to encrypt the passwords in the database and decrypt it in radzen?


Not sure about the encryption - should be your decision depending on your needs

Just to clarify something - Radzen's built-in security can't be used for this requirement. It doesn't store the passwords - only hashes. One cannot restore the password from that. You will need to implement custom encryption and decryption which Radzen does not provide out of the box.


  • If you are developing a Blazor app, then setup the database with MS Identity. When you update the database, it will create the tables and hash the passwords for you.
    MS Tutorial
  • If you are using Angular, then you can hash the password with JAVA HMAC, or some other encryption routine, then store the hashed password in the database.
    Java Example

@MarkusW Most passwords are stored as a hash so cannot be decrypted.
If you need to show the original password to user you can use asymmetric key encryption method of which there are several but you would also need to secure the key.
It is less secure and not recommended e.g. brute force attacks, bad admin can access the original passwords.
Here's a link to sample code