Radzen.sln demo project's memory leaks


I downloaded the Radzen.sln demo project from https://github.com/radzenhq/radzen-blazor.

If I just run the demo project and I navigate through the application pages, in the Visual Studio diagnostic tools I see that the memory used is constantly increasing. It seams that there are resources that are never released.

Please, could you provide an example on how to use Radzen components to avoid this collateral effect?

Hi @Soraya,

We are not aware of any memory leaks. The growing memory will be collected at some point by the garbage collector - still if you find real memory leak you can send us pull request with fix.

Hi @enchev,

I don't know... I am in executing the demo application since 3 hours and the garbage collector has not been able to decrease the used memory yet, not even once.

Ok, I will try to understand if there is a real problem and if I will find and fix it I will share the solution with a pull request.