Radzen Scheduler - Issue in Day & Week view

Hi Radzen Team,
thank you for the amazing support for Radzen.
Appointments are not rendering in Day & Week view (Month view works fine). I am using latest Radzen version and code is similar to the Radzen Example.

<RadzenScheduler @ref=@importTermineProvisionenScheduler SlotRender=@OnSlotRender style="height: 768px;" TItem="TerminDTO" Data=@lstImportTermineProvisionen StartProperty="Rechnungslegungsdatum" EndProperty="Rechnungslegungsdatum"
TextProperty="TerminDate" SelectedIndex="2" TodayText="Heute"
SlotSelect=@OnSlotSelect AppointmentSelect=@OnAppointmentSelect AppointmentRender=@OnAppointmentRender>

    <RadzenDayView Text="Tag" />
    <RadzenWeekView Text="Woche" />
    <RadzenMonthView Text="Monat" />
    <div @oncontextmenu=@(args => ShowMenu(args, context))

However, If I add the Appointment in Day view, then it appears in Day, Week and Month view.
We are not using Start and End Time. It's Date based only.

May be this is the cause.
Could you please help in how to configure Date based setting to Scheduler?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Heena,

Can you provide some reproduction steps? I updated our online demo to have StartProperty and EndProperty both set to "Start" and events still appeared in Day and Week view.