Radzen Schedule - Deleted but appointment is not removed

I have a radzen scheduler setup like this, Blazor Scheduler Component | Free UI Components by Radzen. I added a bool property Active to the appointment model. I'm only showing the scheduler for Appointment which has Active = true. On the OnAppointmentSelect function, a dialog shows and I can use a RadzenCheckbox to update Active. However, when I saved it, the backend code worked as expected when set Active = false. Then I use appointments.Remove() then I call "await scheduler.Reload()", it does not remove the Active = false item. Either API call or .Reload() are not doing what I'm expecting. Any suggestion would be much appreciated it.

Hi @KyleN,

Here is what the Reload method is doing - it renders the scheduler using the same properties it has and calls the LoadData event if set. Make sure the appointments collection is properly updated.

@korchev thanks bud. I made a mistake when reloading the collection. Working now. THank alot.