Radzen release notes

Hi ,
Lets start by saying that it is great that Radzen gets many improvements and thereby a frequent release updates.
What I miss sometimes is that only mentioning an improvement is not explanatory by its self and needs perhaps an example .

e.g. : Blazor) Allow MarkupString to be used in Dialog Title.
This does not explain Where When What how to use this in the designer or components of Radzen.

Also it is sometimes hard to decide if the update is going to break any existing app functionality or if we need to review some of our excluded code and implement the improvements manually.


Not sure how better to explain it, do you have any suggestions?

We test carefully each release however considering the complexity of the applications made by Radzen and Radzen itself what we are doing already is the best we can do. If there is a report for regression we release update.

Hi @enchev ,


@code {
    string htmlText = “This is <b>a Bold</b> and a <i>Italic example</i>”;

Designer screenshot ?

My remark over the markupString was just an example, release notes should perhaps not be only a list of changes .