RADZEN Preprocessor

As per your documentation

I am trying to prevent a render error using the RADZEN Preprocessor however in one particular RBS project it appears to be inverted. In other projects it works as expected.
In the example below button A is displayed and button B is hidden in the RBS form designer so logic appears to be inverted.
Any idea what could be the cause ?

This is the output of same page in a different project that works as expected.

This should have worked. Here is what I see in a local test.


It seems something in that particular project is prevent the preprocessor from working correctly but I don't know what that could be. You can send us this app to info@radzen.com and we will investigate further.

This seems to be related to loading a .sln file that contains multiple .csproj projects.
I stripped out most of the code including proect references and loading the .sln file gives incorrect result

but loading the .csproj direct gives the expected result

My test was done in a solution with 2 projects. I think there is something else that causes the problem.

I have uploaded a simplified version to reproduce at rbs/test-preprocessor2.zip at main ยท mumfie2003/rbs ยท GitHub

Thank you for the reproduction! We have fixed the issue and will release a new update shortly. The problem was caused by the order of the projects in the solution.

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Thanks @korchev
I can confirm the latest build 1.22.2 also fixes the issue when the original .sln is loaded.