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I have a question. In Radzen I have a ten or more pictures in which I open new window to add some property in other table. In this table i have user_id as foregin key, id as primary key and other data that user need to select. I want to make when user click second time that I can open up a screen that user can edit not add. I always get new window for adding new record. Do you have any example for this kind of situation?

Hi @Dino,
You might need to provide more details as to your requirements and your existing screens.
Typically you will need to pass the primary key to the edit form, load the data and update on submitting the form. You can check the CRUD pages templates for an example.

HI, sorry for previous reply. I have picture in main screen where I open add form. When i submitt this form when user click second time on picture I want to make edit window pop up with submited value in previous step. I have only ID of user in that moment but I can't make work it.

I only need when I submit in add part of application to get this value in this dropdown menu and than open edit form for that user not to make seperate record evry time.

Assuming the Add form closes on submit you need to get the primary key of the record added to the database then call the edit form using that primary key to load the data.
If you are using the CRUD page template it likely works by default.
If you are using a parent non grid form that calls modal Add form you can close the modal using Close dialog and pass back the id via the Result to parent form.

Hi, click on this picture opens up new dialog.
In this dialog I have submit button and after that I made notification that i see result from ${result.Id}. Now i need after closing this window to get the value of result ID into this first picture. How I can to that if you can provide me an example or you can see this with Anydesk and help me. Thanks.