Radzen Panel boarder

The example for the Radzen Panel has a boarder. I would like to have a boarder on the panels Im using but I cant see anything that is setting that boarder in the example.

How would I set the boarder of the panel to be similar to the example?

Hi @BrianG,

What border are you referring to? Can you attach a screenshot?

The screen shot was uploaded from

what Im trying to reproduce is the order panels boarder.

Hi @BrianG,

This screenshot is using the Material3 premium theme. It isn't available in the nuget package. It is only included as part of the Radzen Blazor Studio subscription. You can use a free theme instead.

Could you elaborate? How would one go about using a Radzen Theme

Check this page, maybe can help u understand.

U can use a switch theme by changing the link to the css:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="_content/Radzen.Blazor/css/{THEME}.css">  

Set the placeholder {THEME} with one of this values (only free themes):
standard, dark, default, humanistic, material, software