Radzen out-of-browser deployment or system service


Coming from a lightswitch environment, is it possible to run Radzen server as a service or in the form of an out-of-browser configuration? is IIS the only other way if we are to deploy at a client premises and do not want to run the radzen server .exe before opening the client site?


Hey @xarion,

In case of Angular or Blazor WebAssembly Radzen generates server applications (an OData service) out of your database that can be hosted anywhere you want without the client (UI part) application. In case of Blazor server-side the UI and the database access are in the same application. Radzen offers deploy to IIS, Azure and ZIP. You can use the zip deploy to deploy manually to various other server types.

Hi @enchev

Is there a way to run this as a service so that we dont have the console window open all the time?


You can host any .NET Core ASP.NET application in IIS which will run it as a service.

@korchev Thanks for the reply, yes I was hoping not to install IIS and provide a similar solution that we have using lightswitch. The browser and webserver are in one application as opposed to running the radzen server exe or IIS and then directing the browser.
It would be great to have the radzen server (the console window) be configure as a windows service. if not possible we'll have to add IIS as an additional install step and all the bloat with it.

Hey @xarion,

When you deploy to ZIP you have everything needed to run the application without hosting - just using .NET CLI:

Thank you I understand this, but I didnt want the client to have to run the EXE and then open the browser, I was hoping to run the EXE as a windows service then all the client has to do is open the browser.

I recommend checking the options for hosting an ASP.NET Core application on Microsoft's official documentation. Radzen does not provide that out of the box.

We'll give this a try, thank you