Radzen multi level master detail in Tab format

This is feature request and help request for having child record as Tab view. I am exploring and am using Radzen IDE trial. I did a double two level master detail DataGrid in the same page(Customer --> Order and Customer --> Payments). It worked well. Then I brought in Tab component to the page and created two tabs. Orders and Payments. When I copied detail data grids and placed them inside the new tabs on the same page, then in run mode application worked perfectly. Each child grid was bound correctly with row select event. However, when I deleted Radzen IDE created child DataGrid, then copied datagrid in tab does not work. I set event etc right but it missed field context (for related fields of customer table) and gives such error.

In master detail nested view, would Radzen consider giving option to generate Master detail as default Tab view for child records? That would be immensely helpful when a master will have 5-6 or more child tables. Of course one can design page manually and bid data and event also manually. Doing it automatically would be very useful.

Thanks for the suggestion @cmrncrzy, we will do our best to include such option for our master/detail templates.

Hi Enchev,

I explored options. In fact it is possible to do Tabbed master detail with current IDE. Process is - you generate master detail data grids. Thereafter insert Tab component. And for respective Tabs, you drag and drop the DataGrid of child records. You have to drag and drop Button component also. Properties and events etc are retained. Thereafter one can remove blocks of child records. Inside Tab component, placing Row and Column component respectively helps with layout and placeholder.

Of many RAD platforms I have checked, Radzen stands out. Keep it up !!